Save on the price of coffee pods

Depending on the coffee machine you have you will be able to use coffee pods. Coffee pods are small containers that have enough powder to serve a cup of coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate or any other drinks available. There are several different brands and several different pods available for people to choose from. Although these coffee pods are extremely convenient – and fun to use- they are also often quite expensive.  To read a great article, which provides an excellent comparison between the different means of making a coffee, from the instant in a jar through to a top of the line single serve coffee brewer, check out the following link: Is Keurig Really Worth the Money?

Although single serve coffee pods can be expensive, this article will show you three different ways on how you can save money while still enjoying their convenience, variety and we think great taste.

Way 1 –buy in bulk – If you drink coffee on a daily basis it is a great idea to buy in bulk – larger quantities – buy doing so you will be able to save money because most wholesale stores offer discounts when people buy larger quantities. This is also a very good way to find alternative products that are also of quality, after all wholesale stores have a wide variety of products available for the public.

Way 2 – Look for coffee pods on the web –There are several different sites online that sell a little bit of everything, including coffee pods. You can go online and check sites such as Amazon or even Kijiji. People will certainly have a lot of different options available for you to choose from. If you buy in larger quantities you can get extra discounts as well as get a free freight.

Way 3 – Reuse the coffee pods and refill them with coffee/ cappuccino/ chocolate you buy elsewhere – have you ever considered refilling your coffee pods with products you find in average stores in larger quantities. Although this ends up making the whole thing be a little more annoying, it will help you save money if that is what you have been looking for., You can reuse the coffee pods that you already have. It is quite simple indeed. You will only have to wash the pods after each and every use, add the coffee, cappuccino or even chocolate that you have in powder and then turn the machine on. You will not have to spend money on the pods and will have the same results you would with the official product. For more information go straight from the source; some great resources here in how you can save money on your coffee.

Is it truly possible to save money, or is it just a waste of time…and patience?


No, it certainly is not a waste of time or patience. In fact you will be saving good money by following the above mentioned tips. This not only will help you save money but you will also be able to enjoy your machine the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Although in some cases you will not have all of the commodity you would with the real pods, it is still ok, after all the whole thing is for a good cause! Unfortunately these pods can be quite expensive.