Decaffeinated Coffee

Gourmet decaf coffee – what are your choices, and what about the taste?

Decaf coffee does not have caffeine. Some people need to drink this kind of coffee because they can either not drink caffeine or simply because of the fact that they would rather avoid the substance. Regardless of the motive you prefer decaf over average coffee, it is important to understand the difference as well as understand whether you will have the same experience with the flavor or not.

Before we get to the flavor topic it would be best if you understood how decaf coffee exists; let’s take a look at what makes decaf coffee be decaf.

How come decaf?

Decaf coffee happens when companies add certain chemicals to the beans before they are roasted. This will “suck” the caffeine out of the beans and will have what we today call decaf coffee. Apart from solvent there are other processes that involve adding water and charcoal to the beans, that way the coal sucks the caffeine and transfers it to the water, leaving the beans almost 100% free of caffeine.

Is decaf coffee really safe?

It is impossible to say whether decaf coffee is 100% safe, after all solvent and charcoal are added to the beans in order to take all of the caffeine away from the beans. Regardless of such processes it is also not likely that companies will spend too much time checking if your coffee is 100% rid of solvent.

Although your decaf coffee might not be 100% safe it might be around 95% safe! Of course companies would not sell something that can kill their customers.

However, if you feel some sort of discomfort while drinking this kind of coffee, beware, you should interrupt it! It is also important to see a doctor and if needed run some tests. As a side note: the Swiss method is considered the safest method to get decaf coffee. In this process only hot water is added to the coffee beans. The process consist of having the steam carry the caffeine away from the beans, not adding any chemicals to the product.

What about the taste of decaf coffee, is it truly good?

Opinions are different when it comes to answering this question. In fact when you have decaf coffee you will notice that the flavor is slightly weaker. It is like taking strong coffee with a lot of water in it. Although this is not such a delicious option it is not a bad one nevertheless. If you can not have caffeine, it is a fair and valid option for you.

What is the price?

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaf coffee is more expensive than average coffee. In fact, you should prepare your wallet, after all some varieties cost thrice as much in some varieties. If decaf is what you need, unfortunately you will have to pay the price.

The bottom line…

Decaf coffee is worth your time and money, however if you are into flavor then this might not be the best option for you. If you would like more information on the choices of decaf coffee, and in particular that available for the single serve coffee market, something we personally like, check out the link here for more great tips and advice.